7 things every international student should know about Australia

Australia is a popular destination for international students. It is mostly known for its prestigious education system that has made six of its universities secure positions in the top 100 of the 2018 World University Ranking. Studying in Australia is not much different from studying at home. Studying in Australia can’t be as challenging as studying abroad in developing countries. This doesn’t mean it’s too easy and you don’t have to research if you get to Australia unprepared you’re are likely to face some difficult situations once you’re abroad. Here is a list of 7 things every international student needs to know about Australia.

1. You need a visa

To study in Australia you will need a study visa. The Australian study visa interview isn’t that easy and you need to research the possible questions the visa officer is likely to ask you during the interview. Study visa application is done online. The process takes 12 weeks so make sure to apply as soon as you accept the offer. If you’re to study for less than 3 months apply a regular tourist visa.

Apart from visa you also need health insurance. The Overseas Student Health Cover is meant for international students like you.

2. Financing support options

Studying and living in Australia is expensive because the country has high living standards. You can lower this cost by applying for financial aids such as international scholarships or loans you’re eligible for. Living in shared apartments can also help save some few dollars. Arriving some months earlier gives you a chance to look for affordable options.

3. IELTS is Required to Study in Australia

IELTS is meant to measure your English language skills. You must be conversant with the English language to qualify to study here. Some universities and institutions look at your previous academic qualifications and work experience as an alternative to the IELTS.

4. The Australian grading system

Australian universities use a grading system to assess the academic merit of a student. HD for high distinction, D for distinction, C for credit, P for Pass and F for fail.

5. Australia is huge

Apart from education while in Australia it is good to travel and explore its beauty. There is a lot for you to explore in your stay here. There are many tourist sites but only enjoy as per your financial abilities. All you need is to keep education as your objective number one. Don’t let assignments and research hinder you from exploring the world, the Australian essay writing company is there for you.

6. Working in Australia as a student

The living standards in Australia is high and you may need a surplus financial source apart from your parents or sponsors. Working as a student can help you earn some good cash while ongoing with your studies. Working as a student limits time for research and assignments, Australian essay writing company is there to help with your assignments. Here you are only allowed to work as a student for 20 hours a week. You are also not allowed to work before beginning your classes.

7. Public transport

No matter where you decide to stay, Australia has a variety of public transport options. They all have reliable timetables. Always check any schedule changes at the beginning of every semester. In some territories, you will be required to use transport cards so make sure to apply for a proper transport card as soon as you arrive.